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About the Artist

Thomas has been interested in photography most of his life. He started taking photographs when he was eight years old. His early subjects were trains and engineered structures as well as landscapes and family portraits. His interests and vision have matured, but the subjects that catch his eye continue to be of the same genre as his earliest visions.

Thomas’ vision is such that he sees the mystery that may be hidden within a subject. His seeing or reading of the subject can reveal some of its essence - even in so called inanimate subjects. A photograph of a Buddhist stupa or that of a rock may both reveal an essence of spirit that is unique to each. It is Thomas’ purpose to share his vision of the mystery that we may call spirit. He feels that each individual image is a unique expression, and that the viewer should judge each image as such.

Thomas took courses in art and photography in high school and college. He spent some time as an apprentice photographer. He operated a dark room in the military. He earned a bachelor’s degree in photography from Humboldt State University. His experience with film formats included 35mm, 2 ¼”, and 4”x 5”. He has exhibited at galleries near his home in Arcata California and in Santa Fe New Mexico.

All current work is digital. Prints are processed with archival media.

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To purchase fine art photography, contact Thomas Bethune Photography

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